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A week or two ago, I got an email from HalfAgain, announcing their latest software dubbed StoreStacker. Before I divulge into describing what it is, I just need to mention that HalfAgain has released some real nice software in the past. They’re the guys who made BlogSolution, RSS Magician, RSS Evolution, Content Solution, Content Club and the WordPress to BlogSolution converter.

Basically, StoreStacker is their latest software that is definitely going to be a hit. What does it do, you may ask? Quite a few nifty things I have to say. The name itself actually describes what the software does: it stacks stores next to each other… or on top (you can look at it either way). It takes your Amazon, Clickbank, eBay and other affiliate-based store websites and pulls their products & prices to display on your site. Like I said, it merges each and every store to display a nice tabulated form with links to the products you’d like to sell on your website, with your affiliate IDs nicely tucked in the URLs. StoreStacker makes it easy for you to run a website of this sort (this is where the countless hours of PHP and CURL programming come in to play). I have a few websites I could definitely implement this script on, so I’m looking forward to its release (scheduled April 1st).

Some really cool features of running a StoreStacker website are the benefits you get with the search engines. Since your site would automatically become a large shopping directory (since it polls multiple stores for product reviews and prices) you could very well capitalize on the content it delivers to your visitors. Your website would become a large source of information (a niche) on the products you are trying to sell. The kicker? The whole thing runs by itself with a few clicks.

Anyway, at this time of writing, StoreStacker hasn’t been released yet. We’re only two days away from seeing this baby come out. More information to follow!


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