A small follow up to the Rich Dad Education Review

A while back, I posted a review (or more specifically, a rant) on the whole Rich Dad Education/Academy for real estate investing “course”. My review, and opinions, still stand today. I hope I have warned some people about the disaster that the whole Kiyosaki “program” really is.

I’d like to make note of the fact that people are actually reading the review I posted. Google Analytics shows that people are spending a good 10-12 minutes on that page, informing themselves and preventing future mistakes. You’re welcome guys.

I’m also getting quite a few hits from people searching Pip Stehlik’s name, including the typos that go with it: “stelik” and “stehlick”. Oops.

Other keywords finding the review are “rich dad education” and, lo and behlod, “rich dad education scam“. I don’t have to explain the last one.

That is all. Carry on, gentlemen.

One thought on “A small follow up to the Rich Dad Education Review

  1. Family friend had an extra ticket to this “educational marketing”…essentially a three day sales pitch.

    Very appalling!

    I had to leave after after day 2, part of me wishes I left earlier. Seeing all those people that were going to buy, which Pip made stand up to adopt an identity and use social pressure on the rest of the room, was sickening.

    An average of $35,000 for three days of “advance training” and a new wealth buddy/mentor for hire to hold your hand through striking it rich?

    Also watching yes, NLP “leading” exercise where he had people hand him them credit card to desensitize them late on….just appalling!

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