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Controlled Labs GlycerGrow Review

I would like to inform everyone about GlycerGrow by Controlled Labs. I’m beginning to sound like a paid spokesperson for the company now (I assure you I am not!) but I love this stuff. I wish I had found about this supplement sooner as it’s giving me an incredible amount of a “pump” while I train. What is GlycerGrow you ask? Here’s a short blurb from the manufacturer’s website:

GlycerGrow is the most advanced standalone cell volumization breakthrough ever to reach the market. GlycerGrow combines a proprietary and synergistic blend of pharmaceutical grade ingredients to increase cell volume, aid the osmotic effects of creatine, and enhance the natural anabolic responses of weightlifting. 

Basically, the “cell volumization” is what’s giving you the pump while you train. You can just say it’s rushing more blood through your veins, hence the volumization part. Controlled Labs claims that stacking this with creatine (Green Magnitude or Bulge in this case) is an excellent way to increase your intensity while you train. I have to totally agree with this last statement, as it’s doing wonders for my workouts. I come home after work mentally exhausted everyday, and I feel discouraged from training. Luckily for me, I force myself to go and I end up not regretting my decision. An hour before I leave for the gym, I take 5 scoops of GlycerGrow and mix it with some fruit yogurt. It’s a bit of a challenge to mix this supplement with water, so the yogurt way is a great method (you also get a bit of protein from it too, why not!). Within 30 minutes, I can feel this tingling sensation in my body and before I know it, I’m wide awake and ready to pump some iron ala Arnold. Really now, it gives me this mental focus I have only experienced with caffeine (reminds me of NO-Xplode, that was crazy). While not as intense, GlycerGrow definitely is giving me this small rush of energy to go out and train, and I really enjoy using it. I stacked it with Green Bulge for a bit and the effects were a bit increased. Since I finished the creatine last week (ordered a new batch along with White Blood) I am still having some great workouts and I can’t see myself training without it, like Purple Wraath. All in all, I give this supplement a 9/10. I just wish mixing it wasn’t such a nuisance, but I’ll live with the yogurt method for now.

Final Take on Controlled Labs Purple Wraath

Last week, I managed to finish my Purple Wraath tub (all 2.39 lbs of it, see the first initial review) and I must say training without it is totally different. Since I stopped using it this past week, I noticed a slight decrease in endurance and stamina. I could very well say I was more tired than usual after my workouts, and I really didn’t feel like doing any cardio on the teadmill whatsoever. I also realized that I wasn’t sweating as much. I am very well aware of the thermogenic properties of the supplement, so Purple Wraath definitely is doing some magic there. I never knew I would be saying this, but I really do miss its taste now, even though I had said it is incredibly disgusting. The trick to consuming Purple Wraath is to mix it with a lot of water (I put a scoop with 32oz of water in a bottle) and then let it sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to an hour (so prepare your workout drink an hour before leaving to the gym). You will quickly get used to the taste, so don’t fret. You will also realize how great it is for post-workout cardiovascular exercise (it gives you energy!). I am so happy with this supplement that I am going to try another batch. I placed the order on a few days ago, so I should be receiving it tomorrow morning in the mail.

Free Samples of Purple Wraath and Green Magnitude

Since I’m an avid user of Purple Wraath and Green Bulge (not Magnitude, since I prefer pills over powders) from Controlled Labs, I came across this cool offer for people who are looking forward trying these supplements without spending their hard-earned cash on a big bottle and not liking them after. You only have to pay for the shipping, which is 4.00$ USD. How cool is that? So, if you feel like trying Purple Wraath and Green Magnitude for their taste, go on and click on ’em! If you’re still unsure whether you want to purchase these supplements, read my reviews on Purple Wraath and Green Magnitude.

The New Supplement Stack Is In!

I got home today from work and was greeted by a big box. Finally! The supplements I had ordered last week arrived in safely. I opened the box and quickly scanned through the items to make sure everything was there… and surely enough it was all there ( hasn’t screwed up an order yet). The contents of the box were: Controlled Labs Green Bulge, Controlled Labs White Blood, Controlled Labs GlycerGrow, NOW! Flax Seed Oil, Syntrax Apple Ecstasy, Optimum Nutrition’s Whey Gold Standard (cookies ‘n cream flavor), a Syntrax protein shaker bottle and a gym bag (which was a free gift). Everything was nicely sealed and ready to be used (see the picture!). Since I was about to hit the gym in 3 hours, I had a nice steak dinner and then proceeded to take the appropriate supplements an hour after eating.

Here is my supplementation schedule for those who are curious.

Training Days

White Blood: 60 minutes pre-workout / before bed
Green Bulge: 60 minutes pre-workout / pre-cardio
GlycerGrow: 30-60 minutes pre-workout
Purple Wraath: 10-30 minutes pre-workout / pre-cardio
Whey Protein: Morning, lunch and before bed
Flax oil: Everyday, 3 soft gels 2-3 times a day with meals

Non-Training Days

White Blood: Before bed
Green Bulge: Same time as gym / pre-cardio
GlycerGrow: Optional
Purple Wraath: Optional / pre-cardio
Whey Protein: Morning, lunch and before bed
Flax oil: Everyday, 3 soft gels 2-3 times a day with meals

For the past six months, I have been training only with protein shakes (ON Whey) and an EAA/BCAA blend (Purple Wraath). I took a break for Creatine and Nitric Oxide (Arginine) supplementation to see the difference they would make on my body. Surely enough, after my first batch of supplements tonight, I noticed a small spike in energy while doing squats. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect at work, but I really had a great workout and can’t wait till some of these products kick in at full gear. I’ll be writing a log once again of my progress and take a few before and after pictures for everyone to see.

New Supplements on the Horizon

It’s been a while since I was taking supplements for my strength training routine. I took a break from them as I wanted to see the difference with and without them. After 6 months of keeping it “natural”, I have decided to cycle creatine and nitric oxide again, along with some new additions to the stack: Controlled Labs’ GlycerGrow and some flax seed oil by NOW. I kind of went overboard last night with the supplements order on’s store I must admit, totaling just about 200$ CDN including shipping costs. The order also includes Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Whey Protein (Cookies ‘n Cream flavour) along with a new protein blend I really liked (tried it at Seb’s house a few times) called Syntrax Nectar (Apple Ecstasy flavour). The latter tasted really, really good in cold water. I’m going to be consuming it exclusively at work since it mixes well with cold water (resulting in less of a mess since we have no sink here to wash cups and such…). I’ll be keeping some logs of my supplement usage in the upcoming weeks yet again!