Weekend Update

I got accepted into Concordia’s Computer Science program. Quite a surprise, ain’t it? It’s going to take me 3 years to finish up the program (90 credits) and I’ll have a Bachelors in Comp Sci. I just have to do one prerequisite (Math 204) and this time, I’ll pay attention and do the work. No more screwing around in class! Anyway, I look forward to this fresh start… but I really do want to get this whole school debacle over and done with. I rather concentrate on other things!

I got a white board for the office today and it’s going to be a great addition to planning projects out with my dad. I should get one for home too and do some brainstorming on it. On the topic of projects, there’s quite a few things planned out for the next month or two. I got to optimize our programs to work over the web, and I will implement SQL to do so. Without going into too many technical details, I think it’s going to make things run a lot smoother. Our clients will be quite happy.

Another project my dad and I have to start is RFID for jewellery and clothing. If we implement this feature in our point of sale application, it will attract a lot of new clientèle and make our existing clients want this type of technology right away. Still a bit more planning to do though before we roll it out to the public.