Write Anything and Everything About Montreal City

Do you want to get paid to write articles and opinions on places in the city and island of Montreal?

Basically, I will pay you 20$ CASH (or PayPal) per submission on reviews (and opinions) concerning bars, clubs, events, restaurants, sports, nightlife, the mayor, your local neighbourhood, poutine, Bill 101, your favourite shisha spot, the Canadiens, your favourite DJ, bartender, bouncer, promoters & teams, La Tour de l’Ile, the bums downtown, Hollywood, etc. There’s no set standard for these things, but your article must be coherent, properly formatted, typed in proper English, checked for grammar and actually be readable. I’m looking for 3-4 paragraphs of text, or 300-400 words per article. Your style can be laid-back, professional, satirical, cocky, rant-y or something else I can’t think of right now. You will receive full credit for the article (unless you oppose). Articles will be posted on Montrealing.com for everyone to see and read.

If you manage to submit an article every week, I will pay you more per article. We would like to hire consistent writers/journalists for the website. Montrealing.com is considered to be an alternative news and media outlet for the public. If you like going out, trying out new places and enjoy Montreal city, then this job is for you.

Please note that upon payment, your article will become the property of Montrealing.com.

Do you want to see examples? Check out this Upstairs review or one of Time Supperclub.