Weekend Update

A few things to spill out here.

First, the training has been going real well. I am now squatting 210 lbs, dead-lifting 225 lbs, bench pressing 185 lbs (still need to work on this) pressing 105 lbs and power cleaning 100 lbs. The strength improvements on my legs are really showing, as my boxers are getting tighter around the legs! I also got someone commenting on how much bigger I grew in over a year since she met me. Reviews like this really encourage me to keep on training more. I love it.

Second, my courses are somewhat… uninteresting, to say the least. Learning assembly is fun, but the more I think about it, what the hell will I do with it in the future? Oh right… nothing. And all these logic statements that I’m learning all over again… why? Really boring stuff. I decided to do website work again during class hours… I’m going to end up paying the price again it seems. I should really start my homework.