My Software, My Life

Lately, I have been brainstorming about my future and I have come to realize that I am sitting on some very expensive real-estate. For those who don’t know, it is my dad’s point of sale software: “SPOS.” It is quite possibly the most feature-filled application out there that involves making sales. Honestly, for the price you pay for the software, I consider it a steal. My dad has pretty much though about this whole system inside-out: from layaways to credit notes, it’s all there. The only few changes that are left to make this good application great is implementing some optimization routines (such as using SQL instead of large table pointers) and making it look pretty. After that, I just need to market the hell out of it and I should be set. Of course, I should also write a better manual for it… that will take some time, but a lot of the base has been done.
I can’t wait to take control of my dad’s company in the future. I am the luckiest person on this planet to do so.