Cuba 2007

Last week, I came back from Varadero, Cuba. I went with 8 other friends and had a blast. This is the fourth time I visit Cuba and only the second time where I got to experience its nightlife. Now, by all means, Varadero’s nightlive does not compare to Montreal, but it’s still an entertaining scene. I have to admit, I felt mentally and physically refreshed after I came back from the trip. I managed to get some work done and my stress levels have dropped tremendously. I wish I could do this every 6 months!

During the day, my time was spent on the beach. Actually, most of it was spent in the ocean and getting a nice tan on the face. The Cuban beach and ocean do wonders to the body. I notice all my cuticles had disappeared and my nails were super clean. Not that I manicure my nails, but having nice hands like that really do catch the eye.

At night, it was all party (mostly drinking). Some of the clubs we visited included The Pirate’s Cave, The Beach Club/Bar, and International (or Continental) . The first two clubs were fantastic, the first one literally being held in a freshly cooled cave. The second bar was an outdoor (but covered) terrass next to the wonderful Cuban beach. The third club, however, was a flop as there was no air conditioning and the place was packed to the max. The wait times at the bar was also a total disaster: it took me about 15 minutes to purchase a rum and coke! I have to say, I had a lot of fun simply hanging out at the local hotel bar with my buddies and drinking the night away (with some nice Cuban cigars being smoked too). I look forward to those nights everyday now after coming home.