Call me Saro; I’m a programmer, hacker*, information sponge & internet guru. I have been learning and playing on computers since the age of 7, starting with my very own 386. I launched my very own personal website back in 1997, and successfully created a highly popular (seasonal) commercial website in 2003. Since then, I have come a long way in terms of search engine optimization and monetizing websites. I have been taught my some of the very best in the industry (the guys you don’t normally hear about but are very successful).

Besides websites, I was taught a lot by several key people in my life concerning finances: real estate, stocks and general investing. While I don’t know everything there is to know, I am confident to say that I know a lot more than the general public.

I created this website to document my findings, research and experiences concerning the two above topics: websites and finances. I’m mainly doing this for fun and little profit, as I enjoy writing and talking about money. 🙂

I hope that someone out there will benefit this information, whether it’s good or bad. With that said, enjoy reading the site!

~ Saro

* hacker, in the sense that I love learning how things work, in terms of electronics & gadgets. No, I don’t deface sites!

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