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Montrealing.com is all about Montreal city

There’s a new website in town that deals all there is to do in the city of Montreal: Montrealing. It’s not just a directory or reviews about restaurants, and it’s not a nightlife photo website either. Montrealing is all about what’s fresh and what’s not in the city. For example, what is currently the best shisha lounge in Montreal? You can go ahead and vote or simply see the current results. Montrealers are able to decide what’s good or bad and voice their own opinions instead of a review website telling them how it’s supposed to be. It’s democracy all the way.

There is, of course, a directory of clubs, lounges, bars and restaurants… but it doesn’t stop there. At Montrealing, you’ll be able to find a list of famous Montrealers, talk show and radio hosts, bartenders, bouncers, local DJs and news about local University and CEGEP teams. Oh yes, you’ll find plenty of editorials on the Habs too. For the tourists, there’s a compiled list of landmarks, hot spots and other fun facts about Montreal.