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The reason why the Epic Meal Time staff does not get fat

I’m a big fan of Epic Meal Time on YouTube. They are considered local heros here in Montreal, getting quite a bit of publicity for their outrageous and creative meals. After watching them since their launch on YouTube, one of the questions that comes up often (in the comments) is: “how come the guys don’t get fat with all those calories and fatty foods?”

The answer is simple: they are on a ketogenic diet.

Now, I don’t know the guys personally, but I’ve noticed that the majority of foods that they eat are carbohydrate-free: chicken, turkey, sausage, ground beef, steaks, eggs, cheese, bacon, etc. In other words, they are only consuming large amounts of protein and fat. In a recent episode (the “84 Egg Sandwich”) there is a clip where they get rid of the bread and only keep the egg, bacon and sausage. Note that bread is full of carbs! They even skimp out on some vegetables, due to their starchy nature.

There is this long-standing myth that fat is bad, and carbs are… well, not really taken into account to begin with. The truth is our bodies are using carbs as a fuel source, and since it’s programmed that way, the excess carbs that come get turned into… you guessed it… fat. This in turn will get stored as a backup fuel source for your body. This is why people are fat, or have fat around their bodies.

Now, what happens when you stop eating carbs? Your liver will start producing ketones to keep your brain functioning and alive. Your body will then switch over to another fuel source: fat! And the quickest way to process fat is the one stored on your body (afterwards the food you consume). After a few weeks of starving yourself from carbs, your body will process fat exclusively and never worry about its carbohydrate intake. Now, you don’t have to read and believe what I’m saying. The science is out there for you to check out in case you want more information.

Since MusclesGlasses is a known trainer, I’m pretty sure he’s got the staff on a keto diet with plenty of training days to burn off the calories. That’s f*ckin smart.

I personally have been on a keto diet for the past 2 weeks, and already I have lost a bit of body fat. My waistline has definitely decreased, and I have not felt any adverse health effects from following the keto diet. For those looking for the most efficient way to get rid of fat, a ketogenic diet is the way to go.