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That Money Site – It’s Okay to be Rich!

You’re probably wondering: “Oh no, not another make money blog!”

Before you close your browser window and run for the hills, I want to explain to you what this site’s mission and purpose is, and how I can help you become better informed in financial matters.

Okay, so what sets my site apart from the rest of them out there on the web? For starters, I’m like you: stuck in the rat race, wanting a way out of the corporate world. I want to be financially independent, and my opinion, the answer is passive income.┬áPassive income is any kind of income that is generated on its own, such as owning real estate (i.e. apartment buildings) or stocks (dividends). You can sit back, relax, and know that next month, you will be receiving X amount of money thanks to assets that pay. Most people believe that owning their house or condo is an asset… I’m here to tell you otherwise. While I’m not at the stage of true financial independence yet, I can tell you that I have a good idea on how to get there efficiently.

My purpose is to inform the average Joe out there on topics relating to money: accumulation of wealth, strategies, understanding the basics of finance, tax sheltering your income, etc.

My mission is to further my knowledge in financial matters and to share them with the community. Hopefully as the days go on, I’ll be getting financially smarter and overtime, wealthier. The advice I plan to put on this site is the ones I use or plan on using.

I can summarize this site in two words: Money Education.