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Jouets Choo Choo; Educational Toys in Montreal

I would like to take a small opportunity and introduce everyone to a new website that deals with educational toys: Jouets Choo Choo. They launched this week after several months of website development, and the site looks great. For anyone looking to buy educational toys (such as Playmobil, Schleich, Meccano, Ravensburger puzzles, Plan Toys, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc) then look no further, as their prices are the best. These guys have been in business for over ten (10) years now, with two stores active. One of the stores is located in Pointe-Claire (next to Fairview) and the other one, which was recently opened, is located at Quartier Dix-30 (right across Indigo mall). I actually know the owners personally (family friends) and they’re very friendly people with tons of experience in the toys department. If you ever wanted to get a gift for a newborn, young child or games that are non-violent for the kids, and you’re out of town, in a different province or simply too far away to visit the stores, Jouets Choo Choo’s online retail outlet is the answer to getting educational toys and games delivered to you. Check them out today!