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Time to Jump on the Sandy Bridge Wagon

After waiting about 3 months for Intel and the various manufacturers to clean up the Sandy Bridge chipset issue, I think it’s finally time to move ahead with my new workstation build. I just bought the Intel i7-2600k processor from BestDirect (a sister website of NCIX, like DirectCanada). BestDirect currently has the best price for the processor, not to mention coupling it with free ground shipping. I should have the CPU by mid next week. Looks like waiting to purchase the processor paid off, as I saved about 30 dollars in costs. 🙂

I’m waiting for Intel to re-release their LGA 1155 desktop boards now. I’m guessing we should be seeing them within the next two weeks. Presently, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and Biostar have their B3 revision boards out on NewEgg and other sites, with a whole dozen of them released this past week. Judging by this trend, I’d say Intel will have theirs out soon.

I plan to use this workstation as my main day trading system and run a few small virtual machines for application and website development. I’ll announce my complete build once I have all the components in place.