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Nine Inch Nails: Lights in the Sky North America Tour

I can’t believe I got my hands on these tickets. Floor tickets at that.

While I shelled out double than what the face value of the tickets are, I seriously don’t mind the cost one bit. For those out of the loop, NIN is back in town November 12th in Montreal. After 3 years of silence, they’re touring North and South America all over again. As of this writing, they’re on a two week ‘off’ period, taking a break. There’s roughly 2 months to go before I see them perform, which is going to kill me as I have no patience these days.

There’s an article over at Wired’s site discussing the tech behind a Nine Inch Nails show. When I saw them live three years ago, their visual effects were superb. Supposedly this time around, the effects far surpass anything they have done before. I can’t wait.