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Controlled Labs Green Bulge

Today I started taking Green Bulge by Controlled Labs because I finished Green Magnitude (which was a really good supplement). I will be experimenting this creatine supplement for everyone and will post a review within a month. Hopefully it will work as effectively as Green Magnitude did. What’s the difference between the two, you ask? Magnitude is a powder supplement while Bulge is pills. Instead of taking a scoop of creatine and mixing it with water, I swallow down 5 pills while drinking water instead. I much prefer the pill route as opposed to mixing powders.

Starting Strength Website

This past week, I have been working on my Starting Strength website. A lot of content has been put up, but there’s a lot of topics still to cover. If anyone is interested in making some strength gains at the gym, the website I have created (rather a blog) is a great way to learn all about training. I have read Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength book inside-out and decided to share my knowledge with the world through this site. I’ll keep you guys updated on any new content I put on the site here.

Weekend Update

A few things to spill out here.

First, the training has been going real well. I am now squatting 210 lbs, dead-lifting 225 lbs, bench pressing 185 lbs (still need to work on this) pressing 105 lbs and power cleaning 100 lbs. The strength improvements on my legs are really showing, as my boxers are getting tighter around the legs! I also got someone commenting on how much bigger I grew in over a year since she met me. Reviews like this really encourage me to keep on training more. I love it.

Second, my courses are somewhat… uninteresting, to say the least. Learning assembly is fun, but the more I think about it, what the hell will I do with it in the future? Oh right… nothing. And all these logic statements that I’m learning all over again… why? Really boring stuff. I decided to do website work again during class hours… I’m going to end up paying the price again it seems. I should really start my homework.

No Excuses for not Training

One excuse I keep hearing from people is that they “don’t have the time to go to the gym”. That’s a lie if I ever saw one. I work six days a week, go to school (3 night courses after work) and develop websites in my spare time, all the while managing to train 3 times a week (Monday, Thursday and Saturday nights). I also get to socialize with my friends a few times a week, so anyone who’s anyone can pull this off. I also get an adequate amount of sleep as well per night. Did I mention that I also get to watch a movie or two on my new television? It’s doable, people!

Strength Updates

I am now bench pressing 185 lbs and squatting 200 lbs. My power clean has gone up to 120 lbs while the shoulder presses are 100 lbs (all of these at five repetitions). Mark Rippetoe’s Staring Strength routine totally kicks ass and I really recommend that everyone try this out at least once, you won’t regret it. Anyone who’s looking to get stronger should follow it as Rippetoe knows what he’s talking about. The book I purchased was worth every penny.