Birthday Celebration at Stereo Nightclub

Yesterday night I went out to celebrate my birthday. A friend of mine invited me to go to club Moomba, so I agreed to join her (since I had nothing else planned). I got into the line at about 11:45 PM and waited for about 40 minutes until I decided to leave and meet up with another friend (I was too impatient to wait in line for any longer). I wasn’t really in the mood to go clubbing anyway, so I just left, even though another 15 minutes could’ve gotten me inside. I met up with Raf at Foufounes Electriques for some cheap beers and it was probably the best choice. Since it was Daylight Savings Time today, we managed to benefit another hour of drinks. It was nearing 3 AM now, so Raf and his friends had to leave (Raf worked the next day). I was really loaded at the time and I was so hellbent on going to an after-hours that I just did that. It had been over a year since I last went to Stereo, and since it was close-by, I walked to it from Foufs. Cover was 40.00$ as Derrick L. Carter was playing as the main attraction. I quickly tried to recall who he was and if he was any good, but I didn’t care really. Fourty dollars on the table, I was walking into Stereo afterhours. Remarkably, there were a few people inside already dancing away. I picked up a can of Red Bull from the bar and started chugging it down. Within minutes, I was on the floor dancing to some wonderful house music. Man, it had been a while! Stereo hasn’t changed much (and so hasn’t the clientele) and that’s a good thing. I would have to say that Stereo is a one-of-a-kind place: the people, the music, the staff and the overall vibe is amazing. You don’t need the drugs to enjoy it either. I was sobering up fairly quickly at the time, but with the caffeine kicking in, I managed to last until 6 AM when I decided to call it quits for the night. Overall, I had a great night at Stereo, and I’m considering going back there every weekend or two for the experience.