Final Take on Controlled Labs Purple Wraath

Last week, I managed to finish my Purple Wraath tub (all 2.39 lbs of it, see the first initial review) and I must say training without it is totally different. Since I stopped using it this past week, I noticed a slight decrease in endurance and stamina. I could very well say I was more tired than usual after my workouts, and I really didn’t feel like doing any cardio on the teadmill whatsoever. I also realized that I wasn’t sweating as much. I am very well aware of the thermogenic properties of the supplement, so Purple Wraath definitely is doing some magic there. I never knew I would be saying this, but I really do miss its taste now, even though I had said it is incredibly disgusting. The trick to consuming Purple Wraath is to mix it with a lot of water (I put a scoop with 32oz of water in a bottle) and then let it sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to an hour (so prepare your workout drink an hour before leaving to the gym). You will quickly get used to the taste, so don’t fret. You will also realize how great it is for post-workout cardiovascular exercise (it gives you energy!). I am so happy with this supplement that I am going to try another batch. I placed the order on a few days ago, so I should be receiving it tomorrow morning in the mail.