Controlled Labs GlycerGrow Review

I would like to inform everyone about GlycerGrow by Controlled Labs. I’m beginning to sound like a paid spokesperson for the company now (I assure you I am not!) but I love this stuff. I wish I had found about this supplement sooner as it’s giving me an incredible amount of a “pump” while I train. What is GlycerGrow you ask? Here’s a short blurb from the manufacturer’s website:

GlycerGrow is the most advanced standalone cell volumization breakthrough ever to reach the market. GlycerGrow combines a proprietary and synergistic blend of pharmaceutical grade ingredients to increase cell volume, aid the osmotic effects of creatine, and enhance the natural anabolic responses of weightlifting. 

Basically, the “cell volumization” is what’s giving you the pump while you train. You can just say it’s rushing more blood through your veins, hence the volumization part. Controlled Labs claims that stacking this with creatine (Green Magnitude or Bulge in this case) is an excellent way to increase your intensity while you train. I have to totally agree with this last statement, as it’s doing wonders for my workouts. I come home after work mentally exhausted everyday, and I feel discouraged from training. Luckily for me, I force myself to go and I end up not regretting my decision. An hour before I leave for the gym, I take 5 scoops of GlycerGrow and mix it with some fruit yogurt. It’s a bit of a challenge to mix this supplement with water, so the yogurt way is a great method (you also get a bit of protein from it too, why not!). Within 30 minutes, I can feel this tingling sensation in my body and before I know it, I’m wide awake and ready to pump some iron ala Arnold. Really now, it gives me this mental focus I have only experienced with caffeine (reminds me of NO-Xplode, that was crazy). While not as intense, GlycerGrow definitely is giving me this small rush of energy to go out and train, and I really enjoy using it. I stacked it with Green Bulge for a bit and the effects were a bit increased. Since I finished the creatine last week (ordered a new batch along with White Blood) I am still having some great workouts and I can’t see myself training without it, like Purple Wraath. All in all, I give this supplement a 9/10. I just wish mixing it wasn’t such a nuisance, but I’ll live with the yogurt method for now.