Dot Com Man

Lately, I’ve had the urge to spend more time on the web researching trends, brands and keywords. Just now, I registered 20-something domains on GoDaddy, hoping that one day I’ll make use of them or sell them to someone. A lot of them appear to be junk to most people, but in my eyes they’ll be worth something soon. I think they’re perfect for branding your sites, actually. How? Here’s an example: your site deals with a certain subject, and your users seem to love your site. How do you think they’ll remember your site? Bookmarking sites these day is pretty much history (pun!). How will they remember it? Easy. They’ll go up to their friend and ask them, “Do you remember that site dealing with product X… oh yeah,!”. Bingo! So you’re running an entertainment site…! What about that gamer’s site?! Or that lyrics site;! There you go. Now, this may be the most moronic idea ever, but I’m sure someone will like it. We’ll see how this idea goes.