The Weather Sucks

Finally snowed in like crazy when I woke up this morning. I’m changing my winter tires tomorrow at 9 AM before I get into an accident.

The subwoofer box is coming along real well. I just need let the glue dry tonight for the vents and then tomorrow, I will assemble the top and final piece. Next step is to figure out how these boxes will stay immobile in my trunk… Velcro might come in handy, but I think the subs are too heavy for that. Another idea is to bolt them to the back part of the trunk.. hmm. I can’t wait to hear this shit!

I got a new phone last week, the Sony Ericsson W810i. It’s a pretty nice phone, SE has made some very nice changes. The only thing I dislike about this phone is the branding done by Rogers. That Internet button is starting to piss me off, especially since it’s the hangup button. Whenever I end a call and I press the hangup button more than twice, it launches the Internet browser and loads all sorts of stupid shit. I will be unbranding and unlocking this bitch in a few months. I want to benefit from the warranty offered by Rogers till then.