Looking Forward to Vegas

If there’s anything I’m looking forward to right now, it would be my Vegas trip on December 24th with my buddies. Honestly, I am so burnt out lately that my productivity has decreased. Ok ok, I’ll stop whining 🙂 but I really do need a break.

I finally installed my new subwoofer box in the car today. I’m quite disappointed I have to say; the sub doesn’t perform the lower extensions as I had hoped. I will have to extend the 4 ports by another 2.5 inches to bring it down to 32hz. I’ll admit, however, that the setup is much more louder, but I rather prefer deep bass over loud any day. I want to FEEL the music, not go deaf. I will be putting up the in car pictures in a few days when I have the time (camera batteries are currently dead).

A lesson that I learned a few months ago was reinforced tonight: never get your hopes up… no matter how good the scenario is. Murphy’s law: If anything can go wrong, it will.