Controlled Labs Green Magnitude Review

It has been over 2 months I have been using Green Magnitude by Controlled Labs and would like to say it is a great supplement. In the past, I have used AST Creatine Monohydrate with moderate success, so I felt like it was time to switch brands and try something new for once. I did some reading on the forums and noticed a lot of people praising Green Magnitude for its efficacy as a creatine supplement. One thing they kept mentioning was its supposed great taste (Green Sour Apples). While I never had a problem with a supplement’s taste (until Purple Wraath came along, wait for the upcoming review) it didn’t influence me in my decision of purchasing the product.

After waiting about 2 weeks for my shipment of Green Magnitude to come in from the store, I was eager to try it out. I loaded up a scoop of GM into a tall glass of water and mixed it in. The water immediately turned light green and the smell of sour green apples floated around the room. I took a sip and first thing that went through my mind was “this stuff is sour!”. According to the tub’s dosage instructions, adding more water will make the solution more sweet, but I didn’t have a problem with the sourness. Now, to be honest, the taste is decent, but I much rather have a creatine solution without any taste or additives of this sort. After a while of taking Green Magnitude, I got used to the taste and whatnot, but I still long for a colourless mix and taste-less creatine supplement.

Now, moving on to the efficacy of the supplement, it performs very well. I responded to this stuff right away and got great workouts at the gym each time. I recall the days I didn’t take it (after being off the stuff for a week) I noticed I was energy-less and more prone to being fatigued. Whether this is a placebo effect or whatnot, I strongly believe the creatine from GM works. In fact, I was so happy with Green Magnitude that I decided to try out Controlled Labs’ Green Bulge creatine pills as my next creatine supplement (that’s in 2-3 weeks). The reason why I am now switching to pills is because I am tired of mixing powders.

For the price I paid, this is a top quality supplement that needs to be on every bodybuilder’s list. I highly recommend this to everyone who is in need of a great creatine supplement and doesn’t want to pay for the higher priced garbages out there. Apart from the sour taste, I give this product a 9/10.

Update: check out the free samples of Green Magnitude and Purple Wraath!

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