Circus Afterhours

I was at Circus Afterhours this Thursday to see my friend Wiktor (aka Viktor Destin) spin. He entered a contest run by the owner of the nightclub and was in the quarter finals. Since I’m a big fan of Wiktor’s music, I decided to participate and support his gig. I was in the line-up at Circus at around 2 AM and waited till 2:45 AM. Since I was on the guest list thanks to my friend, I didn’t pay any cover charge (I got in for free!). Last time I was at Circus must’ve been at least 3 years ago and not much has changed from what I can recall.

Anyway, once in, I met up with Wiktor and a few of the Tranceaddict guys and pretty much listened to house music the whole night while drinking vodka (sneaked in!) with energy drinks (crappy Base, no Rockstars). I was having a pretty good time and got to see a lot of talent play, such as Blake, Driss and Allied Nations. Finally, at about 6 AM, Wiktor was up to spin. He took over the decks and for the 45 minutes I was there, he delivered some sick tracks. He knows how to build up his sets and it really shows. From what I heard that morning, Wiktor definitely has his stuff together and it wouldn’t surprise me if he wins this contest. The club definitely could use his energetic style.

At about 7 AM I had to leave since I was dead tired and had to go to work the next day (but luckily it snowed in so I didn’t go to work). If I had known that I wasn’t going to work that day, I would have stayed longer till the place closed down, but I don’t know how I would manage to stay up longer!