Rockstar Energy Drink Review

I have been reviewing quite a few things lately, so I decided to review my all-time favourite energy drink: Rockstar. I have been drinking this stuff for about 2 years now and love it to death. Before drinking Rockstar, however, I had just started with RedBull and liked the effects of the caffeine on my body. I felt awake and pretty alert, not to mention energized. This got me into energy drinks, and hence fueled my quest for finding something stronger. I heard that Full Throttle by Coca Cola was decent, so I grabbed one at my local convenience store to test it out. I decided to try it out while watching a movie with a few friends one night. The initial effects of Full Throttle kicked in, but they didn’t seem to last long as I was pretty tired at the end of the movie we were watching. The taste wasn’t all that great either.

Now before I could get myself addicted to RedBull, Rockstar showed up like finding a 20$ bill in your couch. I recall one night when going to Aria Afterhours with my friend Alex and his girlfriend, I was recommended to try out Rockstar to stay awake. Alex drank his can along the way to Aria, but he had saved me a can. While waiting in line, I cracked open the elixir and started drinking its sweet, delicious tangy carbonated juice pretty quickly. Within ten minutes, Mel (Alex’s girl) commented on how I was literally trembling. I looked at my hands and noticed I was shaking the can like crazy. Right then and there I knew this would be my drink of choice for years to come. That night, I partied straight from 2 AM to 7 AM fully awake and felt pretty good. At the end, however, I started to crash because of the caffeine’s come-down.

Summarizing this small review, Rockstar energy drink is hands down THE energy drink that everyone should consume. Put away the pansy RedBull, Real Men drink Rockstar. None of this “Tab” crap that I see on television these days, and please put away the Guru and Hype, they’re trash. Monster? Uh huh, whatever. The only thing stronger out there than a Rockstar is probably injecting caffeine and taurine directly into your system, or amphetamines (but let’s not go there).