Controlled Labs White Blood Review

Last week, I finished my White Blood bottle and decided to write down my thoughts on the product. White Blood is Controlled Labs’ answer to a nitric oxide supplement, titled a “blood transport enhancement formula”. Before we begin this small review, people should know that nitric oxide is a vasodilator: it pretty much expands your veins to allow more blood to flow through your body. Another thing you should know is that Arginine supplementation is the cause for nitric oxide to be biosynthesized in your body. In short, you should feel more “pumped up” at the gym and it should hopefully increase your endurance and strength levels. White blood uses “ethyl ester technology” to deliver the two key ingredients in the supplement: Arginine Ethyl Ester di-hcl (AEE) and Ornithine Ethyl Ester di-hcl (OEE). While I have no idea what these exactly are, I can simply tell you that the money you’re spending on right now is to purchase these ingredients.

The million dollar question: “Does White Blood work?”. I’m here to tell you yes, it does work. I took two bottles in the past 2 months (each containing 90 capsules, 3 per serving everyday) and notice an increase in “the pump” after the first week of usage. Simply, I felt as if my muscles were “loaded” all the time, before and after a workout. After a week of not using it (finished the second bottle last week) I felt less energetic than usual, but nothing too extreme. I’m going to give it another week to see the differences when on and off White Blood. It might be that the supplement is still active in my body, even after you stop taking it.

I read on the forums that a lot of people are non-respondent to nitric oxide supplements. Controlled Labs claims that if you’re one of them, White Blood will work for you. I guess I’m fortunate enough to know that I respond very well to these types of products (I’ve also tried Nitrix and No-Xplode with good success). Thing is, another good question is, “Do you need nitric oxide supplements?”. My answer would have to be maybe, because discipline always comes first before chemicals. If you’re having a hard time increasing in weight, strength or endurance, you should really analyze your diet and see if you’re eating well. One final thing I would like to mention is that guys who are sexually active will notice an increase in sperm reproduction (thanks to the Arginine). Guys with girlfriends will see their partner freak out in bed when taking this supplement. 😛