White Blood Follow-up

I posted a review of Controlled Labs’ White Blood a few days ago so here is a small follow-up of the article. Simply put, it works. I have just begun to notice a decrease in overall strength and energy when performing my lifts. I don’t feel as “strong” as before when I was taking White Blood. I guess it took a few days for the nitric oxide levels to drop in my body and show me the difference of the product when on and off it. So, whoever wants a little kick in their strength training routine, they should definitely check out White Blood for a cycle or two and see if their strength and energy improve. Of course, always consider discipline (dieting) over chemicals before you spend your money on this market, as this isn’t the silver bullet to solving your plateau problems.  Anyway, I am quite content with the perks White Blood brings you and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good nitric oxide supplement.