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Controlled Labs’ Green Bulge Review (Final Take)

Last month (or two?) I mentioned about reviewing Green Bulge by Controlled Labs. I never got around to it, so here’s my final take on the supplement.

First, it works. After a week went by when I stopped taking Green Bulge, I immediately lost the “pump” in my body. I didn’t feel as strong as I used to when I was on the pills. In the end, I had to drop by 10-20 lbs on my exercises as they became a bit too difficult for me… but after 2 weeks of training, I came back to my previous strength, albeit not as strong. The supplements DO work, but you need to be taking this stuff often if you want to see improvements in your training. I, for one, will not be taking Creatine supplements again because I find they are not worth my money. I believe proper nutrition can wholly replace all supplements out there and so far I have proved it: I started eating a bit more cleaner than usual and bumped up the protein intake in my body. I noticed results right away… but not as significant when I was taking the Creatine, sadly. Now, I must admit that there is a place for supplements, but they should be supplemented with your existing diet and not substitute it. You cannot simply rely on chemicals to help you out with your diet or solely depend on them thinking they’re all you need. A lot people simply chug down a protein shake thinking it’s a replacement for a meal. Unfortunately those are the people who end up quitting their training when they don’t see anymore results. Anyway, that’s my take on it for now.

White Blood Follow-up

I posted a review of Controlled Labs’ White Blood a few days ago so here is a small follow-up of the article. Simply put, it works. I have just begun to notice a decrease in overall strength and energy when performing my lifts. I don’t feel as “strong” as before when I was taking White Blood. I guess it took a few days for the nitric oxide levels to drop in my body and show me the difference of the product when on and off it. So, whoever wants a little kick in their strength training routine, they should definitely check out White Blood for a cycle or two and see if their strength and energy improve. Of course, always consider discipline (dieting) over chemicals before you spend your money on this market, as this isn’t the silver bullet to solving your plateau problems.  Anyway, I am quite content with the perks White Blood brings you and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good nitric oxide supplement.

Controlled Labs White Blood Review

Last week, I finished my White Blood bottle and decided to write down my thoughts on the product. White Blood is Controlled Labs’ answer to a nitric oxide supplement, titled a “blood transport enhancement formula”. Before we begin this small review, people should know that nitric oxide is a vasodilator: it pretty much expands your veins to allow more blood to flow through your body. Another thing you should know is that Arginine supplementation is the cause for nitric oxide to be biosynthesized in your body. In short, you should feel more “pumped up” at the gym and it should hopefully increase your endurance and strength levels. White blood uses “ethyl ester technology” to deliver the two key ingredients in the supplement: Arginine Ethyl Ester di-hcl (AEE) and Ornithine Ethyl Ester di-hcl (OEE). While I have no idea what these exactly are, I can simply tell you that the money you’re spending on right now is to purchase these ingredients.

The million dollar question: “Does White Blood work?”. I’m here to tell you yes, it does work. I took two bottles in the past 2 months (each containing 90 capsules, 3 per serving everyday) and notice an increase in “the pump” after the first week of usage. Simply, I felt as if my muscles were “loaded” all the time, before and after a workout. After a week of not using it (finished the second bottle last week) I felt less energetic than usual, but nothing too extreme. I’m going to give it another week to see the differences when on and off White Blood. It might be that the supplement is still active in my body, even after you stop taking it.

I read on the forums that a lot of people are non-respondent to nitric oxide supplements. Controlled Labs claims that if you’re one of them, White Blood will work for you. I guess I’m fortunate enough to know that I respond very well to these types of products (I’ve also tried Nitrix and No-Xplode with good success). Thing is, another good question is, “Do you need nitric oxide supplements?”. My answer would have to be maybe, because discipline always comes first before chemicals. If you’re having a hard time increasing in weight, strength or endurance, you should really analyze your diet and see if you’re eating well. One final thing I would like to mention is that guys who are sexually active will notice an increase in sperm reproduction (thanks to the Arginine). Guys with girlfriends will see their partner freak out in bed when taking this supplement. 😛

Controlled Labs Green Bulge

Today I started taking Green Bulge by Controlled Labs because I finished Green Magnitude (which was a really good supplement). I will be experimenting this creatine supplement for everyone and will post a review within a month. Hopefully it will work as effectively as Green Magnitude did. What’s the difference between the two, you ask? Magnitude is a powder supplement while Bulge is pills. Instead of taking a scoop of creatine and mixing it with water, I swallow down 5 pills while drinking water instead. I much prefer the pill route as opposed to mixing powders.