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SaroPC: Designing and Customizing Your Computers

Call me Saro; I’m your basic computer geek with a love for technology.

I’ve always had a passion for assembling custom computers. I don’t know about the rest of you geeks out there, but the fun part for me is to select the components and then put it all together. I like to think of it as a more expensive form of Lego, only components are not always interchangeable between generations. 🙂

This site aims to educate the newcomer to building computers systems, whether it’s desktops, laptops or servers, with guides and how-tos that I have put together. I want this site to cater every type of buyer out there, willing to spend a bit of time to research and discover the right components for their machine.

Sometimes, however, I will be recommending brand name computers (such as Dells) when it comes to business use (workstations and servers). Even though there is this notion that brand name computers are not customizable or upgradeable, I beg to differ. Most systems today from vendors such as Dell or HP are fully upgradeable and have long lifespans. However, most businesses buy computers and stick with them for a while (usually 3 to 5 years) and then buy brand new systems when their age starts to show.

All in all, I hope my site helps people out there in making the right choices when it comes to buying hardware. Now, on with the site!